D’Shaun Releases “Girl EP II” | @thedshaun

2016 was the year of the release of the EP “Girl” from D’Shaun, five years later we get the sequel to the highly anticipated project. Flowing so magnificently over laid-back instrumentals is what the San Antonio artist brings to the table with the second offering of Girl. The EP clocks in at 6 tracks, just like it’s predecessor, and shows more growth from D’Shaun. Growth should be a part of anyone’s life, and the artist clearly shows that in this latest release, not just in the music but as a human.

When asked about the comparison of the EP’s, D’Shaun says “I think this EP is much better, I think I have a better understanding of what I want to do and how to do it in the studio. I think it shows in these 6 songs for sure”.

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