CEO of Hip Hop Movement Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage Drops “Stop Cappin” Video

Owner and CEO of Hip Hop Movement Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage returns with his latest single and video release “Stop Cappin.” Ron says this about the video, it’s aimed towards females who act like their hair, nails, etc. are real…I even took a hit for it on a major social media site.” Watch the video and connect with Ron “Bee-Singer” Savage and Hip Hop Movement below.

About Hip Hop Movement

Once upon a time during the 1st generation of Hip Hop, the Hip Hop Movement was just a term used to describe growing DJ’s and MC’s popping up city to city emulating what the young kids in the Bronx were doing later called Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Movement over the decades was never used in an official capacity nor had any ownership just a term people used with little to no network value. In 1990 Ron “Bee- Stinger” Savage,  while touring with the rap pop group SNAP made up the term Six Elements of the Hip Hop Movement while listening to Public Enemy “saying wow hip hop really is a movement”. These six elements represented Hip Hop Movement: conscious awareness, civil rights awareness, activism awareness, justice, political awareness, and community awareness. Ron ran with it on tour with SNAP making up stickers and flyers with the Six Elements of Hip Hop Movement.

Today Hip Hop Movement has ownership, meaning, and value thanks to Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage registering the brand as a  servicemark with the USPTO back in 2017. He’s been busy knocking down YouTube channels, Instagram channels, and so on for using his brand Hip Hop Movement sending a clear message for everyone to stop trying to duplicate and mimic the brand. Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage not only owns the registered mark but has used it in an undeniable, indisputable way starting Hip Hop Movement Channel on ROKU TV worldwide, Amazon Firestick worldwide, Amazon ALEXA worldwide, Hip Hop Movement Podcast which is also worldwide and also on ROKU TV under the Hip Hop Movement brand.

Ron “Bee-Stinger” Savage is also an established independent artist on his own independent record label, Hip Hop Movement Records, and has worldwide distribution. He’s released several singles and videos, stay tuned for his forthcoming release “Snacks At Night.”



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