Young Sunny Boy Drops Self-titled Album

The Young Sunny Boy Album

Young Sunny Boy the album is giving you different outlooks and perspectives from a star on the rise. You can turn up in the club, ride around, get money, get motivated. I’m putting on for my city and young black kids that come from nothing. You may get in your feelings after a love song as well. I want all my listeners, fans, supporters, and those who don’t know me to get to know who Young Sunny Boy really is and what I stand on.

The 20-year-old artist serves as a voice for the unspoken, a source of inspiration for the average individual that betokens a hustler’s ambition. YSB’s profound ability to convey the narrative at hand while in pursuit of accomplishing what goals pervade his inward thoughts is a mere testament of an unyielding longing for notoriety and fitting recognition. From hoop dreams to living out a transparent truth through synthesized beat patterns and cantankerous disposition, YSB is far more than what his catalog entails

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Watch “Buss Yo’ Brain” from Young Sunny Boy

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