Rich Rocky Interviews Rising Artist And Actor Vigilante

Mogul Vigilante was recently a part of Rich Rocky’s interview series. In the interview, which is available below, they discuss his new record with Translee, his acting career and much more. In regards to the experience Rich Rocky said the following:

“My interview Series/Podcast The Real With Rich Rocky has had a variety of special guests and talents come and speak with me. I was fortunate enough to have Vigilante as a Special guest and he certainly fulfilled what my podcasts are all about, which is, encouraging and dropping knowledge on someone who would one day want to be in his shoes as a successful Artist, Actor Model, and Entrepreneur.
One thing that stuck out to me about Vigilante was definitely his character and how he carried himself. A lot of times artists are arrogant, cocky, outspoken and nothing is wrong with that, but Vigilante displayed humbleness and appreciation of everything he has gained and the opportunity. I truly believe that that will be one of the main reasons why he will continue to succeed in the ventures he chooses alongside his work. Overall talking to Vigilante was an eye-opener and great experience and because of the humbleness, positivity, and knowledge he brought to the show he will always have a platform to come and speak on.”
Tune into Vigilante’s Instagram account @Vigilantelom for inspiration and to keep up with everything in his career. Also, follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up with how you can contribute to his community acts. If you want to catch up on all of Vigilante’s music, interviews, promotional visuals for his upcoming movies, and advice on how to make it in the industry on his YouTube at
In the acting world Vigilante is known as Remarcus Steele. Here’s a link to keep up with his movie and television credits

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