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Meet The Top Media Personality “Kayla Got The 411” @kaylagothe411

After winning the award for top podcast female at the Hip Hop fraternity awards in March 2022. Kayla is proving she is setting herself apart from others. She is showing that the underdog can win when they’re talented. Her show is the top show for giving upcoming artists who have a buzz or recently signed a chance to be heard. Many others are chasing behind celebrities to hear the same story that has been told hundreds of times. Kayla is getting their story 1st before their rise to fame. Her show is for the people! The everyday person on their way to work. The mom who is making breakfast for her kids, wanting to get the weekly 411. Or the truck drivers who drive on the road and want to laugh and keep up. There are segments for everyone, no matter the race or age.

Growing up with such a creative gene, Kayla, like many rising stars, never knew she had a future doing it. It wasn’t until college doing a script writing class, Kayla’s professor recommended she blog, or get into media. Many of Kayla’s teachers would mention how great she was at writing, designing, and public speaking. Taking it into consideration, Kayla started her blog in 2015 called “Just Like You”. It was about fashion, relationships, and girl talk. By 2016 Kayla became the media personality she is today, Kayla Got The 411. She grew into entertainment news and her brand was buzzing with traffic. Her break-out post was called
“Good Girl Done Wrong-Jordin Sparks ex Sage The Gemini caught on audio” Thousands came to the website to hear the audio that Kayla could get 1st.

By 2018, Kayla took her voice to the podcast world. This was when Kayla’s outspoken personality shined. She created segments like What’s The 411 giving her take on pop culture news, and Whopping Wednesday still talking girl talk topics. People in the podcast network noticed Kayla because of her graphic design work, she designs herself. Nobody was doing it like Kayla. Not just talking, but making sure her shows were unique. Right before the pandemic, Kayla turned her show into an official talk show called Kayla Got The 411. What now more segments like What’s Good, What’s The Reaction, What’s Your Story. With a monetized website, podcast, and talk show on YouTube, Kayla is proving why she is the HBIC of her operation. Over 500,000 people watch or listen to her because she is the producer, videographer, graphic design, and personality. She is the next big Media Personality. Furthermore, she has the personality, the charm, and the ability to create her own show without the backing of a network.

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