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Meet South Florida’s Own Hidden Gem S.Yvonne @Its_syvonne

Meet South Florida’s Own Hidden Gem S.Yvonne

Shalaine Powell grew up in Carver Ranches with the dreams of one day becoming an author. In 2012, the dream became a fruition when she wrote her first book Karma’s Destruction under the pseudonym, S.Yvonne. She self-published it in early 2015, with Outskirts Press. In 2016, she released her first series after signing with publisher David Weaver and the Bankroll Squad.

In 2019, S.Yvonne became an independent author with a growing catalogue of seventy plus books. She has constantly been ranked by Amazon as a best-selling urban fiction author and receiving their orange banner. That same year her publishing company, S.Yvonne Presents was relaunched.

S.Yvonne Presents is comprised of twenty-seven authors all under the urban fiction genre. She is a dedicated author and publisher and has definitely made a name for herself and her authors as well. S.Yvonne goes above and beyond for authors as well as providing them with the tools and knowledge to be successful and build their own brands.

S.Yvonne has been hosting a Miami Book Expo since 2019. The event brings readers, authors, publishers and vendors together in a fun atmosphere. She often participates in yearly book tours around the country to interact with even more readers and network with others in the industry. When she’s not busy handling S.Yvonne business she’s spending time with her family and just being Shalaine.
Instagram: authoress_s.yvonne
Facebook: Author S.Yvonne Powell/Author S.Yvonne
Twitter: Its_syvonne

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