KillA CAD Shows How He’s “OBLiviOU2”


KKillA CAD illaCad has released several albums in his career before, but this one is different. This project shows that he has stepped into a new level of his artistry and also his life. This project is the sequel to one that started it all entitled “Oblivious 2”. His first project was a story of his own unawareness. With his new tape, it’s now a response to learning the new things about his past that he did not know as well as a silent expression of the anger, depression, and fear of sharing his passion with the people he loved most. Not only does this album serve as a full circle moment for him, due to the fact that he released the first “Oblivious” his freshman year of college, it also is the representation of breaking a cycle that has dominated my entire life. Listen below to “Oblivious 2”


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