Cyanca Releases The New EP “Fast Times” | @Cyancais

Now living between Charlotte and Atlanta, Cyanca signed with label Infinite Companion in 2020, under which she’ll release her forthcoming Fast Times EP, which drops on September 10, 2021. Similar to her being influenced by Nickelodeon TV show Doug for 2019’s repeat-worthy “Patty Mayonnaise,” the new five-track Fast Times project has a throwback vibe that references films
Fast Times at Ridgemont High in the EP’s title, and Dirty Dancing with the first single. Of the “Dancing Dirty” single, Cyanca says:

“Prom in high school was not ideal. My school was so strict that you couldn’t dance a certain way or even dress a certain way. I wanted to create my ideal high school experience through music where individuals can express themselves without interference or regulation. No rules, just vibes.”

The second single “PB&J (Jammy Jam)” is a tranquil, downtempo joint that’s perfect for any “Chill Hop”-style playlist. Cyanca says the track is like “when a group of friends link to partake in snuggling, movies, and munchies with the intention of spending the night listening to our faves. This is PB&J: Pajamas Booze & Jams”

Cyanca’s slightly raspy, warm, and inviting vocals glide over gorgeous, complex, at times futuristic production. While her sound is completely distinct, fans of soul singers like Ari Lennox, NAO, Jamila Woods, and Erykah Badu will love to devour the new artist’s new Fast Times, as well as her entire catalog, which consistently demonstrates songs of quality over quantity.

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